Buta Hand Block Printed Canvas Tote Bag By Pinjore

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Size: 15.25x12.75x3.75"/39x32.5x10 cm
15.25x12.75x3.75"/39x32.5x10 cm
Material: Thick Canvas
Thick Canvas
Delight in the fusion of quintessential artistry and modern utility with our Hand-Block Printed Thick Canvas Tote Bag. Every piece is a narrative of seasoned artisans who, with great meticulousness, lend their touch to create a unique and intricate print pattern on each tote. Crafted from a canvas of superior quality, this tote epitomises durability while boasting an evocative design inspired by age-old traditions. Beyond its visual charm, it serves as a spacious repository for your daily essentials, seamlessly fitting into farmer markets, beach retreats, or cosmopolitan escapades. The reinforced handles, set upon this backdrop of art and utility, ensure a perfect grip and an enduring form. Moreover, its sustainable design elements not only resonate with contemporary eco-conscious sensibilities but also make a statement of sophistication and commitment to our planet. With its unparalleled design and facile maintenance, our tote stands as a beacon of elegance, an accessory for those who value tradition intertwined with quality.

Thick Cotton Canvas


1 Canvas Tote Bag


Cold Wash Separately.
Mild Detergent.
Warm Iron.

This is a non-returnable product.

Country of Origin : India