About Us

We at Pinjore are delighted to share our origin story. Our love for Pinjore means we obsess over every small detail, talking about style for hours, and creating multiple iterations over weeks to perfect the feel of the fabric, the stitch, and the number of layers our products should have. To us, Pinjore is not just a brand for home furnishings and apparel; it is a celebration of heritage and craftsmanship. We draw inspiration from the Mughal gardens built in the 17th century, retaining their aesthetic influences and combining them with modern fabrics and styles to create Pinjore's pieces. Each product is a true labor of love, and we strive for simplicity and timelessness. We owe much to our designer, Sejal Jain.

Pinjore was founded in 2020 by Chirag Daga and Pushpendra Aachora, whose families have witnessed age-old techniques of hand block printing and a love for all things color and their placements. We at Pinjore care deeply about providing you with high quality and memorable experiences, which we achieve by doing everything in-house, from designing to printing to stitching to packaging.

Our families started this many decades ago, and we are proud to continue their traditions. With Pinjore, we pay homage to our karigars - the true heroes and heroines - who have kept the art alive for so many centuries. We also provide a new platform for them (stay tuned - more coming on this).

To us, Pinjore is art. It is attention to detail and timelessness. It is the craft and the craftsmanship, It is the magic of colors and prints that comes together to make our masterpieces. We are proud of our heritage and legacy, and we are honored to have you as part of the Pinjore family and tradition.