Joyous Elephant Linen Cotton Rectangular Hand Block Printed Cushion By Pinjore

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Size: 14x26"/35x65 cm
14x26"/35x65 cm
Material: Linen Cotton
Linen Cotton

Elevate the very essence of your living space with our exquisitely crafted Hand Block Printed Cotton Linen Cushion. This unique piece embodies the culmination of age-old traditional art and contemporary elegance. Each cushion is a testament to the revered art of hand block printing, a technique where intricately carved wooden blocks are dipped in a palette of opulent colors and pressed onto a canvas of fabric. These subtle, yet distinctly individual variations are emblematic of its handcrafted origin, making each cushion a piece d'art in its own right.

Woven from a sophisticated blend of premium cotton and linen, this cushion offers the tenderness of cotton juxtaposed with the enduring ruggedness of linen, resulting in a tactile delight. The neutral undertones of the fabric, accentuated by vivacious patterns, ensure a harmonious blend with diverse interior palettes, be it the timeless elegance of contemporary, the earthy allure of rustic, or the free-spirited aura of bohemian.

Moreover, with an emphasis on sustainable luxury, this piece is pre-washed to optimize its texture and mitigate shrinkage. It is encased with a concealed zip closure, enabling easy removal and ensuring maintenance is effortless. By integrating this cushion into your decor, not only are you making a style statement but also championing a cause - supporting ethically produced craftsmanship that pays homage to traditions while ensuring artisans are accorded the respect and remuneration they so richly deserve.


Linen Cotton Blend.


- 1 Cushion Cover of selected size.
Filler is not included.
Packed in a eco-friendly cotton muslin bag.


Professional Dry Clean Only.

This is a non-returnable product.

Country of Origin : India